Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrifty is Green

Fortunately for a low cash family, many things that are less expensive are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Eating less meat, for example, is healthier, less expensive, and better for the earth. Breastfeeding is healthier and less expensive, and generates less waste so it is also better for the earth. Making your own toys or using hand-me-down baby items is another thrifty, "green" way to go.
Using a smaller vehicle with higher gas efficiency, again healthier, less expensive, better for the earth. Equally important is maintaining that vehicle. It is less expensive and less wasteful in the long run to get regular oil changes, air filter replacement, and keeping tires filled than it is to have to replace tires and major engine parts. Cookies and Clogs blog has a giveaway running right now to get FREE oil changes, check it out here.
In our family, we use one vehicle with almost 100K miles on it. The car is small and reliable, and it had better hold out until the disseratation is complete because our job prospects are not  going to change until that happens!!!
For that reason, I want to win oil changes. The odds are not with me, but it can't hurt to enter!

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