Monday, August 23, 2010

Sell me on a memory book!

My boy's first birthday is rapidly approaching. The first year has flown by and I've taken about 293298 photos of this amazing kid and printed a total of zero.
I should clarify, I've printed zero for us to keep. We did print a small stack around 6 months and then around 9 months to send to the great grandparents who lack e-mail. But we have precious few actual photos.
My idea now is to take some of the best pictures I have of the Frog (my almost 1 year old lovely boy!) and print them into a book that would capture his first year.
I know Snapfish does printed books, I get e-mails that tell me Walgreens does them and now I have an ad on my blog running advertizing Picaboo as another source of memory book.
I need advice. Where can a low cash mama spend a little and get a quality product that will be treasured by a proud family?

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