Sunday, August 29, 2010


For the most part, being a low cash mama and unable to afford the extras is not a big deal. I do not like to shop at all, I abhore having to find clothing or household items. I do not find it fun in any way, and clothing rarely fits me- but really, does clothing fit anyone?! My short friends complain things are too long, my heavy friends say clothes are for skinny people, my thin friends think clothes are too baggy, and as a tall person I can attest to sleeves and hems of shirts and pants being made for the "average" American woman (5'4") much more than someone like me who exceeds that by 9 inches.
Anyway, I don't miss leisure shopping. There are, however, a few exceptions. I've been cloth diapering for almost a year now so I am well versed in what works, my CD washing routine, how to spot a potential CD problem (staining, stinking, repelling), I know how many to pack when we go out and have even vacationend with our cloth. I have no regrets about using them and am SO glad we invested in cloth as we've saved a ton of money, time, and kept a bunch of nasty junk out of landfills.
But my cloth diaper stash is pretty boring. It is almost all Bum Genius, almost all gently (or not so gently!) used, and all of the same color palate. The diapers are workhorses, we don't need anything else.
Sometimes I just crave some variety! I see online photos of babies in adorable diapers with stars, moons, sports logos, stripes, monkeys, and polka dots. I wish for oranges, purples, blacks, and for prints. Bum Genius does not offer such things. I cannot afford to branch out. So I covet diapers I see online. And I enter contests. I just sent about 7 entries off to this one: Home Grown Families!!
I want some color!! How much would I love to put my little colorful boy into the cute Orange Sherbet diaper?!
Hey, a girl can dream, even if it is about diapers.

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