Monday, August 23, 2010


When you are low on cash, you like free things. Free necessary items are always appreciated but what is often fun is a special treat that you don't "need" but that you'd really like to have.
Blog giveaways are one way to end up with a treat at no cost to you! I enter a few blog giveaways per week. So far I've been a winner just twice but I keep plugging away, entering and hoping for the best. Excellent odds at winning a blog giveaway exist if you are one of 200 or fewer entrants, or "low entry giveaways". Some blogs list low entry giveaways, my favorite is Tight Wad in Utah and I visit to try to win. No one really NEEDS a frog umbrella or a cool back to school marker set, but it sure is fun to find a package in the mail with a brand new item you didn't expect.
Giveaways are fun to enter and bring a lot of blog traffic your way also. Then you get addicted, spend too much time entering and before you know it you have to create an entirely different e-mail address just to play your giveaway games. Not that I've done that...

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